Born in Kansas City, MO, March 19, 1985.

A resident of Atlanta, Georgia since April of 2014.


2003: Received a college preparatory diploma from Park Hill High School in

Kansas City, MO.

2007: Pledged Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority, Incorporated; Rho Sigma Chapter at The

University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) as a charter member.

2007: Graduated from UMKC with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

2009: Graduated from UMKC with a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and

Guidance, emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy.

2013: Graduated from Kaplan University with a Master of Arts in Public Health,

emphasis in Community Health.

2013: Passed exam to be a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES 22908).

2014: Became licensed as a professional therapist for counseling (APC004613).

2016: Accepted into Walden University for Ph.D. in Health Education and

Promotion, Behavioral Health track.

2016: Author of her self-published book, Empowering the Broken ©.

2016: Founder of S.h.e.e.r., LLC ™. (Sexual Health Education, Esteem, & 

Relationships, LLC ).

2016: Founder of Divine 9 Lives Matter ™ (D9LM ™).

2017: Founder of Black Relationships Matter ™.

2018: Co-Founder of WhyNotify? ™.


Cherlisa's highest goal is to integrate behavioral health and public health. In order to decrease the incidence and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections and diseases, Cherlisa plans to display the correlation of mismanaged behavioral health to issues in sexual health. Additionally, sexual health education will be strengthened in schools, as well as in intimate relationships, in order to generate a positive stigma for sexual health, overall.


Cherlisa's sole purpose has been to increase empowerment for under-served and uninspired individuals, regardless of nationality, sexuality, race, gender, or creed.